Love will triumph and peace will prevail


Hi Mate,

On the wall of a solitary cell, I found written (Samah Al-Arbawiya- injustice is forbidden – 13/09/2011).

I was searching for any tool to immortalize my name and write next to it (Sarah Hegazi- Love will triumph and peace will prevail – 2/10/2017) but couldn’t find anything to write on that cell’s walls.

I sat next to the wall, stuck to it – I was trembling – I didn’t cry – a spider passed by me, and I didn’t kill it! Why would I kill it, comrade?

It has become my cellmate just as you have become my companion in this harsh and painful experience.

I hope you’re not upset after being compared to an insect that passed by me in Al Qanater prison’s cell! I am also an insect – everyone like us is an insect- every one different from the herd is an insect. In their view we’re an insect, comrade – everyone looks at us with contempt and resentment, just as they do to insects – this is how Kafka described in his novel “the metamorphosis”- those who differ from the herd, whether politically, ideologically, ideologically, or sexually!

In our countries, the difference is a crime punishable by law.

They throw you in jails, comrade – they throw you in cells – they throw you a smelly blanket – they throw you a bucket to use in the bathroom! The bread here is tasteless and odorless!! They admit they’re trying to punish you! But punishment for what, Mate?

What’s the crime? To demand others’ respect and acceptance – a crime?!!

To demand peace and love for everyone – a crime?!!

Tell them, my friend, they are fleeting, and we are staying.



women here are looking secretly at my writings in my absence at the time of the State Security Prosecution renewal, and they don’t see any resentment or immoral behavior in that – but when a man passes by, they hurry to cover their heads with a piece of cloth – because it is (haram) for a man to see their hair.

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To the world

you were cruel to a great extent,

but I forgive

To my friends

the experience was harsh and I am too weak to resist it,

forgive me

To my siblings

I tried to survive and I failed,

forgive me